How To Remain Calm (When You Are Anything But Calm)

Published January 31st, 2020

Feeling a tad overwhelmed with college decisions looming and the responsibilities that go along with Senior Year? It’s important to keep your sanity and remain calm to best deal with important decisions that are coming up. Here are some tips to help maintain the calm in your life:

1. Get Some Sleep

Seriously, get some shut-eye! Instead of staying up and scrolling endlessly through Instagram or constantly checking your email for college decisions, put your phone down and snuggle up early. Some experts suggest that you shouldn’t use your phone for at least an hour before bed as staring at your screen prevents your brain from releasing melatonin – a hormone that is necessary to fall asleep. There is nothing better for your health or sanity than a good night’s sleep. Start each day fresh, alert and calm with the help of some necessary Zzzzs.

2. Write Out Your Thoughts

Can’t seem to shake the nerves or negative thoughts from taking over your headspace? Grab a journal and write it down. Have an upcoming performance or audition you are stressing over? Write down what makes you nervous. Seeing it on paper tends to help you put it in perspective and combat the negative thoughts. Not into journaling? There is a cool app called The Worry Box that you can download on your phone. Plug in those worrisome thoughts any time of the day and get them off your chest. You can also plug in a positive mantra that will pop up when you need some extra solace in your life.

3. Cut the Caffeine

It’s probably no secret that caffeine can cause jitters and increase anxiety. On average, one cup of coffee has 100 mg of caffeine. Caffeine can raise your blood pressure and as a result can heighten your nerves. Having two, three cups in a day may be too much to keep your calmness in check. If you feel like you need to have a second cup, try to grab a decaf instead. Not to mention, cutting the caffeine will help you have a better night’s sleep!

4. Exercise

Get movin’! Go for a run. Take a long walk with your dog. Or even throw on your favorite Broadway dance number on Youtube and try to keep up. Exercise lowers your blood pressure and is an excellent way to release some stress. Exercise has a way of taking our minds off of things that are stressful and allows us to be present and peaceful.

5. Seek Support

Feeling anxiety and overwhelmed with what you have on your plate? Talk to someone! Hearing people’s suggestions and ideas can help alleviate stress and boost your morale. Also, the people in your life are usually more than willing to help! See if they can help tackle some tasks you feel behind on or help you put together a game plan.

Or, of course, grab a yoga mat and channel your inner yogi!

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