Musicians Institute: 7 Benefits of Going to College in L.A. for Music

Published August 28th, 2018

Is the West Coast Best for You?

If the thought of going to school in Hollywood makes you (or your parents) feel excited, overwhelmed, or all of the above: have no fear! You're not alone. Read on to learn why studying music in L.A. at Musicians Institute may be the best choice for you.

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Reason 1: Employment Opportunities Around Every Corner

No matter if you're looking to become a distribution guru, or the most knowledgeable Fender luthier, L.A. has it all.

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Reasons 2 & 3: The Weather and the Music Scene are Amazing

Sunshine all day, then music all night. Welcome to Los Angeles, with 292 average sunny days per year and an average high temperature of 75*.

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Reason 4: Travel is Easy, No Matter the Destination

LAX is a world-class airport with flights constantly heading in every direction. Rest easy that you can get home for the holidays, or to surprise your family with ease. LAX offers many direct flights and international flights to simplify your travel experience.

Musician's Institute

Reason 5: Musicians Institute Faculty Practice What They Teach

We put our music where our teaching is! Check out the accolades of Musicians Institute professor, Debra Byrd below. Your professors will not only be the right people to teach you, but they know all the right people as well.

Musician's Institute

Reason 6: The Wide Network of Diverse People

The world is full of different types of people, music, and sounds. The diverse population of Los Angeles offers something for everyone.

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Reason 7: We Know What's Happening, Right Now

We specialize in contemporary music. Programs include: Bass, Guitar, Keyboard Technology, Vocal, Drum, Audio Engineering, Independent Artistry, Guitar Craft, and Music Business. Our grads have performed with Rihanna, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other Grammy winners! Are you next to join the ranks?

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For more information, go to MI.EDU to read further about Musicians Institute degrees and programs, and how you can begin the steps toward your future in music!

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