Top 3 Challenges of Hosting Virtual Live Auditions

Published September 1st, 2020

Early on we could tell that this year’s audition season would be different, but no one knew it would be quite like this. In our socially distanced reality, we fear losing the personal interactions that come with in-person auditions, the complicated logistics of setting up countless video call sessions, and loads of scheduling emails backing up our inboxes.

Our mission is to help the arts community flourish. When we created Acceptd in 2011 we innovated the application process for good, and now we are doing the same for virtual live auditions. In building AuditionRoom we are tackling the challenge of making virtual live auditions personal, organized, and painless.

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We asked our AuditionRoom early adopters what they see as the top challenges to conducting virtual auditions to help us shape our product. We received tons of valuable feedback and quickly began to see 3 common themes arise.

Top 3 challenges of hosting virtual live auditions:

There is something about the buzz of audition day that makes it special. It is hard to imagine a successful audition day without sharing coffee with peers and interacting in-person with applicants.

With AudtionRoom we are recreating the in-person experience online. With features like a branded virtual lobby complete with an interactive video forum, virtual school tours, and auditionee status notifications it will feel much more comfortable for both auditionees and auditioners.

Taking an already complicated process online is bound to be a headache. You’ll need to set up individual video chats for each audition, collect adjudication notes in an online doc, keep track of recordings to reference later… the list of tools needed really starts to pile up.

Integrating directly with Zoom and Acceptd makes AuditionRoom the all-in-one solution for your online live auditions. We are taking tools you are already familiar with, like Zoom, and building them in with everything else you need to get the job done.

Yikes. This is a big one. We all already have enough emails to navigate without having to schedule and communicate with applicants and adjudicators. We get a little bit overwhelmed just imagining it.

This is a challenge we have kept front and center in building AuditionRoom. The communication tools make it easy to interact with peers as well as applicants at the moment and leading up to the audition. Utilizing the scheduling capabilities within Acceptd makes it a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

We are working to build a tool that will change the game and empower the arts community to take control of online auditions and we are excited to do so alongside our early adopters.

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