What Do I Get with an Acceptd Profile?

Published July 21st, 2021

Between your resumes, portfolios, and social media pages, we know there are a lot of ways to get your name out there. So why should you fill out your Acceptd profile and allow opportunities to connect with you? Here’s a quick breakdown of what you get with Acceptd and, maybe more importantly, what you don’t!

Access to the Acceptd Directory  

Your resource for finding arts opportunities (universities, summer programs, festivals, competitions, scholarship opportunities, and more) AROUND THE WORLD!

Find a program that piqued your interest, but the applications aren’t open yet? Favorite the page to come back to later, we’ll keep them all in one place for you!

A Chance to be Discovered 

Enjoy opportunities to communicate with program organizers first-hand! Most of the programs we work with at Acceptd have their faculty selection committees reach out to artists on the platform. That means you have direct access to contact a department head or application reviewer with any questions.

Early Access

Be one of the first applicants to get your information in front of a selection committee. When you enable your Acceptd Profile, you will receive updates that remind you of early auditions, deadlines, and short-term festivals and summer programs. Some of our partners even offer invitations to free in-person or online workshops so you can meet their faculty.

Exclusive Discount Opportunities

Did you know some arts organizations offer special discount codes for Acceptd artists? They will typically include them in personal messages through your inbox, or through certain Acceptd promotions–both of which are only accessible with an enabled Acceptd Profile.

Simple submissions with just a few clicks! 

When you submit an application or interest form through Acceptd, we will auto-fill any fields you’ve already completed in your Acceptd profile — making applying to programs that much simpler!


You can enable or disable your Acceptd Profile at ANY point in time. No sweat!


  • We never sell lists of your information. Your email address and personal information is never sold or sent to anyone unless you have directly provided it to them in an application or interest form. You can choose to provide personal information to programs, but that’s up to you and not us!

  • No messages from bots. We promise if you hear from an arts organization, it’s a real person on the other end.

  • No unsolicited texts or phone calls. Private information like this is hidden from organizations unless you submit it through an application or interest form.

So what are you waiting for? Create your profile and make sure to click “Enable my Profile”. Welcome to the world’s largest network of artists!

Get TIPS for completing your Acceptd profile or CREATE one now.

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