What Can’t You Do With an Arts Degree?

Published August 16th, 2017

As an Arts Education company, we’re used to answering the question: “What can you do with a degree in the arts?” To put it simply, the founders of Acceptd profess, “What CAN’T you do with an arts degree?”

We all know college is expensive, and why spend money on a degree without a clear-cut, steady paycheck waiting for you after graduation? We know you want a return on your investment. We’re here to explain how the arts can offer just that, whether you or your student are interested in music, dance, theatre, design, film, photography, or anything creative.

To help illuminate your path to success, we’ve put together a fun, detailed Career Guide with some in’s and out’s of what’s available to you out there. Whether you’re confident in what your future holds, or you’re just getting started brainstorming, we’ve included tips for everyone. From specific arts career trajectories, to general expectations for the hiring process, here’s what you can find inside:

  • Twenty-five professions in the arts for your consideration
  • An Interactive flow-chart quiz to determine where your artistic skills can be used best
  • Hundreds of action words to use on your resume, categorized by function
  • Five real-life stories from professional artists about their career paths
  • Reasons business leaders hire artists
  • Business skills for artists

Even leading business publication Forbes agrees. In a study released last October (2016) on art graduates’ employability, they offered this reasoning for an increased demand for arts grads:

Employees hailing from a liberal arts background have honed valuable skills that might be left underdeveloped in other majors. Businesses value these graduates' critical thinking skills, communication abilities, and creativity. The breadth of focus gives the students knowledge that can help them thrive in a wide variety of fields.”

In today’s modern world, the ability to learn quickly, negotiate, tell stories and communicate effectively are infinitely valuable, and we need people like you to lead the way. Feeling inspired? Download our Career Guide here to start shaping your strategy today.


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