Acceptd + Stagetime: Top YAP Tracker Alternative for Operas

Published May 6th, 2024

For opera companies like yours to thrive in the digital age, audition software is no longer optional. Effectively promoting audition opportunities, receiving applications, scheduling auditions, and evaluating prospective artists to find the right fit for your company all rely on having access to the right technology.

Operas have frequently turned to the Young Artist Program (YAP) Tracker for audition management in recent years, but many still wonder if there is a better solution available. To address this concern, Acceptd has teamed up with the professional artist recruitment network Stagetime to create a full-service YAP Tracker alternative tailored to opera companies’ needs.

In this quick guide, we’ll review the current state of YAP Tracker before diving into the features and benefits of the Acceptd + Stagetime partnership. Let’s get started!

Explore Acceptd + Stagetime, a top YAP Tracker Alternative for your opera. Request a Demo.

What is YAP Tracker?

YAP Tracker is an online audition management platform designed to facilitate connections between operas and applicants. It caters particularly to opera companies with young artist programs (YAPs), but it isn’t limited to them.

Performing arts companies and festivals can post openings on YAP Tracker free of charge and then pay a fee to take advantage of their application processing services. Members of YAP Tracker can then browse these listings and apply to the ones they think will be the best fit for them.

For many artists, YAP Tracker helps them keep their audition materials organized and tap into a community of opera singers. Posting opportunities on YAP Tracker helps companies expand their reach as well.

However, YAP Tracker does have several drawbacks—particularly its challenging interface and the subscription fees on both sides that prioritize large organizations and can create barriers to entry for artists. These obstacles have led many operas to look for YAP alternatives—which is where Acceptd + Stagetime comes in!

Acceptd + Stagetime as a YAP Tracker Alternative

The exciting new partnership between Acceptd and Stagetime combines the leading performing arts audition management platform with access to an expanded network of professional artists—perfect for operas like yours to find and audition even more talented singers! Let’s dive deeper into Acceptd’s features and the specific benefits of leveraging Acceptd + Stagetime.

Acceptd’s Audition Software Features for Operas

Acceptd provides comparable functionalities to YAP Tracker’s main features: application management, communications, and audition scheduling. However, with Acceptd, all of these features are contained within an integrated, modern interface with top-of-the-line security measures.

Some additional application-based features that Acceptd offers include:

  • A variety of available file formats and high file storage capacity for audition materials

  • The ability to directly upload media files or embed YouTube links

  • Playback capabilities for any audio or video files uploaded to the platform

  • Flexibility in uploading artist recommendations—recommenders can either upload them via PDF or by answering preset questions within the platform

Plus, one of the biggest advantages of Acceptd as an audition management system for operas is access to AuditionRoom, an all-in-one platform for conducting and adjudicating virtual live auditions. Not only does AuditionRoom make it easier for artists to audition for your company from anywhere, but it’s also fully integrated with the other aspects of Acceptd’s platform so you can move applicants through the whole process while ensuring seamless information transfer.

Benefits of Leveraging the Acceptd + Stagetime Partnership

By leveraging Acceptd + Stagetime, your opera company can experience a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Targeted artist recruitment: Because organizations can easily search for and discover artist profiles through both Acceptd and Stagetime, you can actively seek out the right talent to fill your openings rather than just waiting for them to come to you.

  • Cost effectiveness: It’s free for artists to create an Acceptd or Stagetime profile, and organizational pricing is based on a subscription model that benefits operas of all sizes.

  • User friendliness: Even brand-new audition platform users can set up their profiles in minutes on the front end or evaluate, schedule, and communicate with applicants on the back end.

  • Technical support: Artists and operas have access to assistance from the Acceptd and Stagetime Support Teams whenever it’s needed. Plus, Acceptd’s Account Relations Team will help your organization make the most of the platform.

The Acceptd + Stagetime partnership can also work for any type of opera, from full-time professional companies hosting seasonal auditions to summer festivals and fellowship programs. If you have any questions about how the platform can work for your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Wrapping Up: Additional Resources on Audition Software for Operas

Acceptd + Stagetime is the best solution for operas like yours to address their unique audition and recruitment needs. Join top organizations in the space like AIMS, Music Academy, and Sewanee Music Center, along with a community of talented artists just waiting to connect with your company!

To learn more about Acceptd’s features and benefits for operas, check out these resources:

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