Your Audition Video: Get Noticed Now!

Published September 14th, 2023

 Your audition video is your calling card! It announces your arrival center stage! It puts people on notice that you should be seen! It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to show you off to your best advantage. Since the school, college, conservatory, or competition is not seeing you in person, your fabulousness must come through the camera/phone/tablet, etc.  Here are some super basic tips that will help you:

  1. Lighting is everything! Make sure you are in a well-lit room, with either natural light or a ring light.  Maybe both! With either form of lighting, be sure the light is shining on you from the front. Using light that only comes in from the side or overhead can distort your features. We want to see your beautiful face!

  2. Use color to enhance yourself.  If you wear black and the floor is black and the curtain behind you is black, get the picture.  In other words, no floating heads. 😊  Wearing color can enhance your features. Lots of people say Blue makes everyone look great. Not sure about that, but hey, if it works, go for it! You know what your fav color is! Stay away from white, red, black and big patterns. Solid color is best.

  3. Don’t let the background be more interesting than you!!! We want people glued to you not the interesting photo behind your head. Keep the trophies out of the background. Try to film yourself with as clean of a background as possible. If you can’t find a blank wall, a white or beige sheet can be tacked up behind you.

  4. Camera position is important! Your audition is not going on TikTok, so make sure the camera is in Landscape position. Make sure to stay in frame especially for dancing. For vocals, acting and instrumental, try to film yourself from your knees or thighs up to the top of your head. In other words, not too close up and not too far away so that we can’t see your expression or hands on the instrument. 

  5. Sound, sound sound!  Definitely wait until the lawn mower is turned off, the baby stops crying, the dog is sleeping, and your phone is in the do not disturb mode. If you can find an exterior microphone to feed into the device, awesome! If not, just make sure it’s as quiet as possible so that we are hearing you and not everyone else.

  6. Put the camera at eye level or slightly above.  In other words, if the camera is too low, we will be looking up your nose; never a flattering angle.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  7. Let your personality shine! Allow people to get a sense of who you are! Maybe that comes in your slate or introduction.  A simple intro like, “Hi my name is Jane Doe and I’ll be performing the Blue Bird variation from Sleeping Beauty”, can really let people see your adorableness! Smile, have fun and be the star you are!

The most magical part of making a video audition is that you get to do it over and over and over again until you feel the bestest at what you are presenting! Film yourself and look at the video.  Is the lighting bright enough to show off your facial features? If you’re playing an instrument, can they see your fingers? Will they be able to hear your gorgeous voice, if you are singing? Did you hit an icky note? Is the camera wobbly and making people seasick? If yes to any of these, you can film it again! Yippppeeeeeee!!!  Ok, take a breath, you’ve got this!!! Now, go get that camera out and start filming!

Learn more from The Music Center's Spotlight Competition, Accepting video applications through October 16, 2023. Apply today!

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