3 Reasons Why You Should Know How To Create Your Own Theatre Company

As an actor you already have a great range of skills in your wheelhouse. Actors never stop learning – you’re always honing your skills and refining your technique. However, what if you find your career goals moving in a new direction, or you face new challenges? Learning how to create your own theatre company will open your world to many opportunities.

Creating your own work might already be of interest to you. If not, it might be something you should consider – not only for your future, but also for your current profession. Starting a theatre company is a significant responsibility, and one for which you will need to be well equipped.

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Fun Stuff to Do, Eat & Enjoy While Visiting Chicago for Unified Auditions


It’s time to shine! The Chicago Unified Auditions 2017 are here. Next week you’ll be gathered at the gorgeous, golden Palmer House Hilton amongst your peers with sweaty palms and your future wide open in front of you. After you ace your auditions, you’ll probably have some free time. Here are some awesome spots in Chicago within a quick cab, train or walking distance to the Hilton.

For more information on the programs hosting auditions, please see our detailed Acceptd Unifieds Guide.

Break a leg!

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Rising Female Music Entrepreneurs: A Cutting-Edge Model of Music Industry Preparation

It’s no secret that women have had a harder time breaking into an industry that has historically been dominated by men. However, innovation and technology have created a space for females to become entrepreneurs of the music industry. There’s no better time than now for the rise of female music entrepreneurs. And, if you’re ready, the journey is yours to take. Read more

Musical Theatre Intensive: A 5 Star Summer In The City

Fordham Summer Musical Theatre Intensive

Where will you be this summer? For many students, summer is a time to hone your skills, hang out with friends, and explore opportunities. If you have an interest in musical theatre you should consider applying to a summer musical theatre intensive.

Musical theatre intensives prepare you for your future, connect you with professionals, and allow you to explore new possibilities. We’ve broken down what it’s like to be a student of one of these programs. Learn what a typical day is like, who you’d meet, and why you’d have the best summer ever!

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How To Select An Audition Song: The 5 C’s of Refreshing Your Repertoire

Selecting the right repertoire is a critical part of any audition, and it may be one of the most challenging tasks you face as you prepare. So, if you’re finding yourself Googling “how to pick an audition song,” then look no further.

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Summertime and The Livin’s Dedicated


How to Maximize Your Summer Break

There are a few theories on how long it takes to become an expert in your field. One famous theory purported by Anders Ericsson suggests it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become truly great at something.

But how long is 10,000 hours really?

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Musical Theatre Alliance: Professional training with the nation’s largest dinner theatre

Finding your college fit isn’t always easy. You might be concerned with class size, campus setting, performance opportunities, and, of course, cost. However, one criterion you may have overlooked is professional experience. If you’re interested in what opportunities are available for theatre students, look no further.  The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) and Chanhassen Dinner Theatres (CDT) have created a spectacular opportunity for theatre students through a musical theatre alliance.

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Music and Medicine: Your body is your instrument

Music and medicine go hand-in-hand. Music therapy interventions are known for their psychological and physiological effects. Yet, the well-being of musicians is vastly under-explored.

If you’re a musician, then you know that the countless hours of practice can take a toll on your body.  A 2012 survey of Australian orchestral musicians found that 84% had experienced pain or injuries that hindered their playing. And professionals are not the only musicians at risk. In a high school marching band, 95 percent of students surveyed reported stiff or sore muscles.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are more professional musicians than athletes in the United States. However, media reports of athletic injuries outnumber the accounts of musician injuries. One fact is for sure. Musicians are known for playing through the pain. What is a musician to do? Where do you get support? What are the treatments?

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Helpful New Year’s Resolutions for Artists (That You Can Actually Keep)


Have you made your resolutions yet?  

We know how it goes…this year, you’re sticking with them!

Did you know it takes at least 66 consistent days to form a habit?  That’s just over two months.  Start off 2017 with some attainable goals you can actually stick to, one day at a time.  Here are a few goals we’ve seen work wonders for artists of all ages.

1. Make Lists Every Day of What You Need to Accomplish

Life can get overwhelming when you’re a busy student, and tasks like homework, household chores, and personal care can fall by the wayside if we are not proactive. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Making a list every day highlights what we absolutely need to finish, whether that be making your bed, practicing your scales, or finalizing a History report.

The most important part of writing your daily lists?  Start each one by listing a task you’ve already completed, and crossing it off.  Even if it’s as simple as “brushing your teeth.” Seeing an item or two  before you even begin the day is a motivating trick to keep crossing off tasks throughout the day until you’re complete. Read more

Setting the Stage in Theatre Production

Theatre Production at Point Park

The lights dim, the curtain rises and the orchestra starts to play at Point Park University’s Pittsburgh Playhouse. Two hours later, the audience responds with a standing ovation — another production that seemed to run flawlessly. Every aspect from costumes, to lights, to moving the set – How do they do it? The audience can’t see it, but backstage there are talented artists working in Theatre Production who bring the stage to life.

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